iPAT 2021

4th Interdisciplinary Workshop on Privacy and Trust (iPAT 2021)

to be held in conjunction with the 16 th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security
(ARES 2021 – http://www.ares-conference.eu )

August 17 – August 20, 2021

Mobile information and communication technology have become virtually ubiquitous due to the proliferation of smartphones and tablet computers; large sections of the society use this technology to their advantage. However, this convenience comes along with a growing collection and assessment of the users’ personal data. Research has shown that most users are often unaware of this increasing infringement of their privacy. Nevertheless, there is a group of users that expresses concern about the collection of their personal data. These users might be highly motivated to protect their data but lack the ability and technical expertise to do so. In order to support both user groups in raising their awareness of privacy and protecting their data, an interdisciplinary approach is needed to develop privacy-enhancing technologies. These technologies should address not only the technical aspect, but also aspects related to usability, psychology, economy, sociology, philosophy and law.

This interdisciplinary workshop, thus, seeks submissions from a wide range of disciplines (computer science, usability, law, economics, psychology, sociology, philosophy, ethics, …) that cover the various aspects of security, privacy and trust .

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

(Mobile) Security, privacy and trust
Mental models of security, privacy and trust
Usable and transparency-enhancing security and privacy
(Explainable) Artificial intelligence/machine learning
Trust in, of and for data

Data processing and transparency
Data protection law and digital rights in theory and practice
Mass surveillance and law enforcement (public/private)
Digital nudging and dark patterns

Important Dates
Submission Deadline May 17, 2021
New deadline May 24, 2021
Author Notification June 01, 2021
Proceedings Version June 13, 2021
ARES EU Symposium August 17, 2021
All-Digital Conference August 17 – August 20, 2021
Workshop Chairs/Workshop Chair

Max Mühlhäuser, TU Darmstadt, Germany, max@tk.tu-darmstadt.de
Stephen Marsh, Ontario Tech University, Canada, stephen.marsh@uoit.ca
Jörg Daubert, Philipps University of Marburg, Germany, joerg.daubert@uni-marburg.de

Organizing Committee

Ephraim Zimmer, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Dirk Müllmann, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Mariska Fecho, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Hendrik Jöntgen, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Aidmar Wainakh, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Alina Stöver, TU Darmstadt, Germany

Program Committee

Karen Renaud, Abertay University, Scotland, University of South Africa, South Africa
Dominik Herrmann, University of Bamberg, Germany
Gareth T. Davies, University of Paderborn, Germany
Christian Janson, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Sebastian Bretthauer, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Oksana Kulyk, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Junior Program Committee

Enno Steinbrink, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Julius Frankenbach, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Olga Sanina, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Amos Treiber, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Florian Müller, University of Kassel, Germany
Matthias Gazzari, TU Darmstadt, Germany

Submission Guidelines

The submission guidelines valid for the workshop are the same as for the ARES conference. They can be found at https://www.ares-conference.eu/conference/submission/ .